A Boundless Spirit

Growing up is never easy,

Constantly trying to understand my being.

This person they constantly questioned

Discriminated, and offended.


My complexion seems to always be the measure of who I am.

The person that they think I will be

is not what they will one day see.

And what they think I am good enough to be

Will not be a reality for me.


Too black to be white,

Too light to be black.

Always stood out like the a vanilla cake on the chocolate cake rack.


Too nice to speak,

Too shy to be seen,

But they always seem to find a helping hand through me.

Not knowing that I have more to offer than just to be,

Their errand boy.


There is more to me than what your eyes can see,

Because your eyes are blinded by this societal hypocrisy.

My blood comes from the lines of Mongolian African and Irish descent and so much more.


You guys just don’t understand what my life has instore.

 You may think you know the distance I can go

Through scores and what you can see,

But as I said before what you see is not even me.


You can't see or measure an oak tree from an acorn,

So don’t try to do it with me.

I am going to be,

Greater than your definition of a success,

Because I am truly blessed.


Only God knows my heights and limitations,

So just sit back in admiration.

When I soar through every door that opens for me.

That’s when you’ll see who I am supposed to be.

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Wild Dakini

I love this! We are limitless


I'm so glad that you liked it, and yes we are. I just wanted to spread some positivity and strength to those you may need it. 


This was amazing. Oh my goodness. 


Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

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