The bottom of my note

Wed, 11/13/2013 - 21:30 -- s641536


2014 Mimosa Trail
2014 Mimosa Trail Round Rock
United States
30° 30' 24.5268" N, 97° 39' 15.2964" W

From the bottom of my note, I promise

That every little thing will be all right

I will make your voice sound just like a goddess

Your music will make you fly like a kite

The school I will provide you will grow

You will learn all the songs ever written

You'll definitly put on quit a show

The sound you wrote will never be hidden

The school will only improve all your skills

First I finish learning at my college

This school will fill me with all my knowledge

And sometimes im nothing but a big fool

Do not worry child you will use your throat

I promise from the bottom of my note


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