The Bottle or Me?

Sun, 07/06/2014 - 22:49 -- Water72

Here you go again.
Another bottle in your hand.
Barely conscious,
I doubt you can hear this.

You're better than this.
You're making yourself sick.
What have you become?
Where is the man I loved?

What about your dreams
And all you can still be?
Please put down the drink
And quit just for me.

I begged on my knees,
I cried and I pleaded,
For you to not drink.
But you say you need it.

You swore you would try,
That this was your last time.
You would stay sober,
And your drunk days were over.

I was dumb to think
That you cared about me.
I came the next day
To see you haven't changed.

You say you're not drunk,
That you came back from work.
Claim you've been careful,
Stayed sober and was faithful.

But your staggered steps,
The foul stench of your breath,
Prove that you lied
Straight into my tearful eyes.

You made me tick
When you broke your promise.
Everyone makes mistakes.
But why won't you learn from them?

You said you wouldnt.
I knew you couldn't 
put the drink down for once.
Forget it, we're done. 

You have made your choice,
Picked the drink over me.
It's over, we're over.
Call me when you're sober.


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