The Bottle On The Ground

A girl. Lush, plentiful, and providing.
A boy. Old as time, a lender.
What's their purpose alone?
Together they work hand in hand.

Some appreciate the girl's cries.
Others cannot stand it.
Many think he's crazy.
He fidgets. He can't stop moving his hands.

They always live on
Even though their love from others
Does not.

Their children use and abuse her.
They take her supplies.
When they have no more use
They are thrown back at her.

At the same time
They use him.
He provides what he can
But they demand more.

There's always a demand for more.
But they grow weak.
If she falls, he will soon after.

But for now they live on,
Day after day
In snow or sun.
How long will they last?

Their children demand help.
As they,
Slowly but surely,
Walk past the bottle on the ground.

This poem is about: 
My community


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