Born to Soar, Born to Fly

Fri, 10/14/2016 - 00:37 -- dbenden

Each and everyone of us,

was sent down to this world,

We are here to dream, to hope,

to wish, to love and to love each other.


We were born to soar on eagle's wings,

we are born to fly up in the sky,

So everyone has the chance to soar, to fly,

and I'll sing it once more.


What are we fighting for?

is it money, is it land, is it power?

Can we all get along,

This is not a perfect world,

But with everyone's help we can

make a Utopia.


Where there is no war,

Everyone is at peace,

Love is in the air,

That's the Utopia we are looking for.

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Our world
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