Born Orphan


Born orphan

Moving from house to house, not knowing which you were born in. 

They said you never made it to the hospital

said you'd never make it past the oprhange walls

But over it all you succeeded and conquered the battle 

moving the ball into your own back field and started making it rattle

You made a change nobody expected possible simply because nobody wanted you, not even your biological,

but you wanted you.

You wanted to succeed and show people who you could really be

even if no one gave it, you'd go out and take the oppurtuinity. 

Born orphan, nobody thought you would make it

so many people caught in the stream of their mental making

but you decided to make it, you decided to take it,

past the walls of those old foster home places, 

and that taught you that you conquer all

that simple breath of life you were given was your chance at the ball

even if it wasn't perfect you'd make it worth 

just cause you knew you could make something big out of what everybody else thought small

Born orphan 

I'm glad that you made you

and I hope that you can teach other people

to learn to rise when they fall.


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