Born To Lose, But Built to Win

You were born to lose but built to win.
Always constantly in the Face of adversity, 
But sill you find the will to prevail.
That's awesome.
While adversity shape shifts in different forms, scenarios, and pigments
you still remain true to yourself. 
That's awesome.
When people misuse power, positions, and relationships
you still love unconditionally. 
That's awesome. 
Infatuated by violence in the city that made you, 
but you still are compelled to give back. 
That's awesome.
You were born to lose but built to win.
And Through thick and thin, trials and tribulations, 
you still stand. 
And that's awesome. 
Enduring situations and specific instances that derive to bring the worst out of you, 
in fact, succeed in making you robust. 
"They never wanted you to make it", 
Echoes in my head
persistently reminding me to persevere.
Let the ones that didn't believe
motivate you to succeed.
Any attempt to bring you down
is an excuse to love yourself even harder
consequently constructing your character.
No weapon or words formed against you shall prosper 
Yes, you were born to lose but built to win 
Your existence in this world was for a purpose
It's just a matter of how you use your ability 
Look deep into your sole, to conjure up positivity 
Because there is nothing more perfect and pure,
You can't touch the sky from inside yourself 
So break free from criticism 
The only thing you can be is you 
Never doubt the you,
only you can be 
you can change the world 
Your life is so precious and so personal 
that it can only be yours 
It's awesome, amazing, and beautiful,
that you were born to lose but built to win 

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