A Born Leader


I'm a captain, 
A leader, 
a born overachiever, 
If I ever had a girl, 
you know I will never leave her, 
I set examples,  
Never reject, 
keep my head up, 
put the haters on check, 
have you got your education, 
do you even have a job, 
do you smoke all day, 
and talking about girls that shop, 
for you and your thugs, 
you sneak dissing on the side, 
you said you a true friend, but for her you'll never die, 
I got people that look up to me, 
never backed down, 
I got people that cried, 
And they got put out the crowd, 
people that got let down and abused mentally, 
just glad they didn't get hurt, literally, physically, 
But after I stepped in, they lives got better, 
for them it went from heart broken to happy, 
no more writing letter, 
they always look up and say i'm a young preacher, 
But no, I tell them, 
I'm just a born leader 


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