born for greatness

I was always told for as long as I could remember that I was born for greatness that I would cure some detrimental illness, that id be a hero but in all honesty I whole heartedly would rather be a zero, to fly under the radar, an enigma in this world to live a normal life, free from the spotlight, down to earth and off that damn  pedestal, but everyone expects great things from me an unfounded position to hold me I'm just a kid who wants to live a normal life away from the celebratory life,  never wanted to be peoples hero it just sorta happened, and instead of fighting it I went with the flow and so here I am a man, held in reverence a god amount my followers that I've never asked hold my every word like it’s a prophecy to god like it can solve all their problems, I never can get through to them that I don’t want this life in the spotlight I just want to live a normal life, away from the high expectation and celebratory congregation, and high stakes corporate decisions,

I never wanted to, be their hero, I just wanted to be a zero, but no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, I just cant fail, I just cant give in so I'm stuck in this life that I'm unable to escape, I chose this unwillingly, I decided to walk this, I unwantedly wanted this life, and so I must suffer for my indecisive decision to stay in the spotlight to try in fill every on grand ideals of what I will be and I just cant escape this life as a hero who never wanted the role that was given to him, he was just a kid when everyone decided for him to lead them, and now that he's a man who rules the land but feels like he doesn't belong, I live in constant fear that I will fear I know its unfounded but their unrealistic prophetic expectation of me seems to set my fate in stone to be the hero, and ignore my wishes to be a zero, I make peoples dreams a realty, I give them hope for a better tomorrow one where there is no sorrow, but my words go unheard, my pleas fall on deaf ears, my dreams stay fictional, ones where I don’t have to be the hero one where I'm just a normal human being, your average joe, taking a sip on his daily morning brew, my dream to be a zero, stays a long desired wish that goes unheard in this tormented life I live, a man born for greatness but wanted nothing of it, but went with it because they needed him, I guess I am the hero but I must ask who can I call my hero the ones that lead them before my time, or the working man clocking out of his, nine to five, for daily breaktime to go home to his family in a modest neighborhood, not to extravagant not destitute, either just right, a life where he can feel like he's done his part and can relax but I will never be able to live like that because I'm that man's hero but little does he know that men like him are the one that inspire me to be their hero, though I do not wish to be it, but they need it, and they deserve it so I give up my chance to a zero, to be their unfaltering hero always their to lift them up when there down, to save the day when all seem lost, to bring light when it seems to dark o breath, to be their hero, I must and I will, but do I wish to is not, but I will still fulfill my mission to be their hero a, kid born for greatness, bred for success but lives life stressed and depressed but he still lives in the hopes of giving those who look up to him in times of struggle, be their hero

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