the boricua in me (puerto rican and proud)

im proud of where im from
i represent the red, white, and blue
no it's not america- supposedly home of the free
that's the place that all i pay is nothing but a fee
i represent the red, white and blue
only difference is that this flag has one star (the only star)
which means i am a superstar
where im from, everything that is true, we say wepa
when we get pissed, we say cono
when we laugh, we say que estupido
when we see beauty, we say que chula
when we smell food, it arroz con pollo (don't forget the pernil)
when we play, it's a classic game of dominoes
when we love, it's always a say of te quiero
how can anyone dismiss us like students being dropped off at the school yard without a goodbye
its call undeniable love
so genuinely surreal, we fly high above the clouds with grace like a dove
so always remember, when you see the red, white, and blue
think of the island of puerto rico, where we speak from the heart in which all we say are true

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