The lesson sounds like one long "ohm",
Please don't make me speak.
My brain is turning into foam,
Anything you say will sound like greek.
Your buzzing phone  is entertaining,
my neighbor's doodles are truly devine,
no windows to check if it's even raining,
I've been up since half past nine.
The corny jokes are really not helping,
spots of gray invade my eyes.
Can't feel my butt, I must be melting.
People's heads turn into pies.
Nothing seems to be spelled right,
The clocks must be run by snails,
My phone's screen, as black as night,
My brain's traveling off the rails.
Never knew my high could be my low,
Lulled by those I once adored,
Who knew time could be so slow,
Don't judge my mind when I am bored.
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