Border Wall

Something here has taught people to hate a wall,

That wants to stand tall over the hot dessert sands that blow under it.

It isn't the physicality of the wall that's viewed to be so disdainful,

But the so-called message that is mixed with concreted and solidified in an upright structure.

The work of a border gaurd is easily misunderstood,

I've chased after them to make ammends to their objective;

For that objective is to leave not a chink in the armor, or gap in this semi-permeable membrane,

To clearly define territories that can be traversed properly.

However, the pioneers of the slander against this intention,

Are so easily masked behind good intention and virtue,

That often blinds the common man in his pursuits to live morally;

Which causes spite and anger in this domestic land,

Which defers us from our true purpose;

Which is to live of good deeds and hope,

And to be a beacon to the global audience,

To promote freedom and prosperity,

Without sacrificing the needs of this domestic land.


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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