Booty Shorts

Booty shorts.

That’s what he brought back for me.

After telling him repeatedly, just how unflattering they were to a woman's body

He brings me booty shorts.

KEY WEST written nice and tight

Supposed to hug the curves of my butt.

He told me to embrace the inner me.


As if he had any idea what the "inner me" was thinking at that moment.


No boy should be able to look at me

And defile my body by visually taking off my clothes

And replacing them with something more suitable for their tastes.


My body is a canvas:

And not for you to paint

When you look at me 

You should be able to look at me and see the masterpiece at work,

See every brushstroke,

Every cover up,

Every effort put in to making myself look exactly like I want to at that moment


Not how you picture I should.



You should know my name it is painted across my canvas

I’m Katie.


Not just some girl walking across the street.

Not just some piece of ass




A name picked by my parents because “Human” was too generic

And "beautiful" too unoriginal



Remember you are your own piece of work

You make yourselves as ugly or as beautiful as you want

Not with make up and clothes boys can purchase for you at the store,

But with grace and joy.


Nothing speaks louder than a girl who knows what she stands for

So be your own billboard.


No promises you wont piss some people off.

Because you will.


But you will be able to look yourself in the mirror

And be able to say “I’m beautiful.”

And never doubt it.

Regardless of whether you are rich or poor,

A good day or bad day,

You were sick the night before,

Or you haven’t showered since Friday.


You will be beautiful.


A canvas of colors,

Painted on with your hopes and dreams.


NOTHING can buy that.


You can paint the Key West on your canvas

That its natural wonder speaks Through you.


Just don’t wear it across your ass

And let it speak For you.



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