The Book of Life

Chapter one


Its like the room runs out of air.

A dream that turns into a nightmare.

A fight that I just couldn’t win.

I tread so hard but I can’t swim.


Chapter two


I’ve tried climbing the mountains.

I’ve tried soaring the sky.

I’ve tried the depths of the ocean.

Although I couldn't get by.


Chapter three


Given time I made it.

I found the rivers flowing.

The flowers blooming.

Like never before, found myself glowing.


Chapter four


Throughout my journey,

I’ve learned some things.

Never give up.

Keep on going.

The waves are crashing now,

But you’ll start growing.


Chapter five


You only live once,

So live like it matters.

Live a new life,

Go on adventures.


Chapter six


You are the author of your story.

It begins with you.

It ends with you.

You decide when your story is through.


The End

This poem is about: 
Our world


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