Boogie Man


Booige Man


Green closet 
you could see my nails digged into the walls 
Mama try and pull me in the closet 
With the old denim mini skirt 
white patent leather church shoes 
she wants me to live there 
Stuff me in the top shelf 
Lay me down like an old skeleton; no one is supposed to know 
Keep your secrets behind your suits 
Everyone hides behind their suits
Closets is not for quer daughters 
it’s the home of all boogie men
Big brown and scart
Carrying a struggling limp 
with the roar of a lion that’ll have your hairs 
Standing tall like you was the third grade line leader
This boogie man got one eye; no perspective
can’t see its four children lynching themselves at the back of its ears 
hanging themselves like earrings or some kind of accessory
boogie man got big feet 
Because when boogie man put its foot down 
That mean all hell soon for break lose 
Boogie man play no games 
Show up every night 
Ain’t got no heart because all boogie man know is tough love
Mama, stop hiding in my closet 
I fear you, you and your habit 
See mama got issues 
Mama can’t hold onto money 
And I swear she be mistaken me for one of her purses, boots or jeans 
You can’t exchange or return me, no store credit 
Sorry that I can't fit into your like correctly but 
There is no insurance for a queer daughter
So she haunts me 
Installs fear in me 
And never lets me forget 
see, I don’t get much sleep at night 
I be in bed by 8 
& The boogie man is expected by 10:35
I spend 1 hour telling myself how beautiful I am 
London, your lips are luscious 
The glaze at the bottom of a bowl of strawberries and sugar 
Your body is sexy 
You got the sun rise and sun set 
Playing sea saw in your pupils 
Skin like blanket 
I wanna wrap myself inside of you 
London wrap yourself inside of you 
Love you, London
I spend one hour thinking of a million ways to turn myself straight 
Maybe if I hold myself in between the chicken soup for soul books
I’ll stand straight like them; Brought me every edition 
Told me I'm just going through a phase and they'll help me find myself
I pray to god 
Lord, I'm sorry that I cannot love the correct gender 
but that give no right for Mama to be hiding in my closet
She knows how I feels bout Boogie Man
Got my cries swing dancing in these hinges
I take the yellow post it from my night stand 
Write down my last words 
Because some nights 
Boogie Man come with belts and hangers 
Mama always say she beat me straight if she have to



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