Do you know how it feels
With ghosts scratching at your brain?
Because I feel that way,
So peculiar, so insane
Trying to prove a point
That I can’t even verbalize
Trying to fill a hole
So wide and deep in size

What would I do
To shed off my skin
And tear to shreds my bones
I live in a soul
And I live in a mind
That doesn’t feel like home

 It’s something that six figures
Can’t buy a cure for
No love or sympathy
Holds the key to the locked door
Oh, each and every moment
I pay the price
For this hollow existence,
For this heavy life

This is my cage
And this is my torture
That tears to shreds my bones
And here I live
And here I’ll die
In a skin that isn’t my home

So I’ll take a blue pill
I’ll pop a red one, too
I’ll be dancing in the stars,
Then out of the blue,
It will hit like a bullet
To my chest
Then reach inside
And steal my breath

The air will tighten around my lungs
And I’ll be swinging in the breeze
Time will slow, I’ll lose control
And my pulse will quicken
And I’ll lose hope

This is my curse
That follows me daily
That reverberates in my bones
I’ll let it sit
Itself on my back
And I’ll carry the weight on home

This bittersweet feeling
Of returning worry
Either way, my bones
Will crush and break
Under the weight
Of an old phantom at home

My old best friend
Rears its ugly head again
My old best friend
Says hello again 

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