In Boiling Water, What Will You Do?


United States
39° 37' 15.8844" N, 84° 25' 2.1612" W

Born sweet,
Born kind.
Being mean,
A waste of time.

Threats, laughs.
Sick phone calls.
Mentally chased
Down endless halls.

A bully victim,
Scared to death.
At thirteen,
Offered meth.

I went in
A crunchy carrot.
Came out
Unwilling to share it.

Originally solid
Now turned to mush.
All I needed
Was a simple push.

New school,
New me.
As different as
Different can be.

Healthy to heavy.
Blonde to brown.
The world continues
To knock me down.

Externally normal,
A mess inside.
No one knew,
I needed to confide.

A friend.
Oh good!
At least,
It should.

Yet again,
I’m wrong.
Where, if at all,
Do I belong?

An egg,
Master of disguise.
I knew
I had to hide.

Another step,
Another chance.
Seeking help
Hoping to advance.

An open mind,
With an open heart.
The doctor continuous
To study my chart.

Lectures, lessons.
Learning life.
Dodging those
Carrying a sharp knife.

Scars on my heart,
Scars on my back.
Who cares?!
I’m on the right track.

At first a coffee bean,
Tough but delicate.
Now fruitful and fragrant.
Guess what. I did it!


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