The Body of a Stranger

Sat, 06/02/2018 - 12:36 -- KkJones

I look in the mirror

And do not recognize

The reflection

Which stares back at me directly.

Who have I become?

She is not who she once was

And not who I dreamed of being.

She is a stranger.

Stoic and poised.

And I am not.

I am not her,

And she is not me,

But I will pretend to be her.

I will pretend not to be scared

And shy and imperfect.

And she will continue to be

Proud and elegant.

Until I become the woman

I one day hope to be,

I will hide behind her

And fake her

Tact and class

I will smile with her eyes

And laugh with her mouth

Until we are the same.

I will continue to fake her life

So that one day, I can have my own.


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