Body To Nobody

Body To Nobody 

She was nothing

A no one

Until she discovered her talents

She soared higher and higher

She saw her future so clearly

Then all of a sudden without her consent 

Her world crumbled 

All that she was

Was gone 

She was destroyed by the ones she trusted 

By the ones she was born with

They didn't accept, nor understand her

They didn't even make an attempt

Destruction was their solution

They took everything 

Everything she worked so hard to be

They didn't accept

They could not accept 

That she was no perfect -pretty -princess 

So they destroyed her

Tore her to bits

She cries herself to sleep at night

Just so no one sees

Her pain is deep

So deep that she considers suicide

Stuck between the choice of life or death

She thinks of that one beloved person

She puts the knife down

But still she knows

She is no one 


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