Body Confidence

Why do all girls seem to think they're ugly? Overweight? Not good enough? Even the girls who are the "populars," and seem like they have it all together - they might not. Teenage girls are worried about their looks and how people view them. Truth is, neither of those will matter in ten years.

Girls think they don't have more friends because they aren't good enough.

They aren't pretty enough, aren't skinny enough, aren't cool enough.

Who would risk their health to look "good?" (Or what I think is UNhealthy, even though they think it makes them look healthier.) Teenagers are so caught up in being the best, being noticed, (or maybe being not noticed) and it is so sad. 

Everyone is beautiful and people need to realize that. 

How people view you is normally very unimportant. It's how you view yourself, and girls shouldn't let other people tell them who they are. Girls should be who they are without worrying about being bullied. 

Every girl's body image should be positive.

Most girl's body image is negative. This needs to change. 

If a girl is confident in her body image, she will be more confident in other matters, such as interviews, tests, and suggesting her ideas to others. Women should never feel worthless, useless, or not good enough. 

Women do not need to like their flaws, they can even dislike them. But, women MUST accept their flaws and move on, becoming a better person because of them. 


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