Boastin' Up

I wake up every morning to my fans shoutin' my name,

C-Mal, the most dynamite rapper that ever became.

Full schedule ahead, but don't be frightened,

I'll tell you my autobiography so be prepared to be enlightened.

I came from the town of W. I. N. C.,

born as a Malick, a family of brilliancy.

I was born to be a champion at everything I do,

but I was bedeviled with a poor mindset and wrong point of view.


I've seen some wicked cruelty, mayhem, and hysteria,

feeling determined, I threw my past in the flamin' crematoria.

I used to be angry, sinful, and bitter,

gave up easily and was labeled a quitter.

Not concerned about others, just protecting my own,

I guess I didn't realize there was so much to atone.

I redirected my life, and now I'm on the top,

all I had to do was make an emotional swap.


I'm happier than ever and laugh all the time,

I could have had this all along if I had just made the climb.

Determined to succeed, I made a promise to myself,

to give a hundred percent, that's enough in itself.

Although I'm not perfect, I'm pretty darn close,

because I am who I am, and that has a lot to show.

I'm conscientious and reliable, a leader at best,

I tend to succeed even when I'm substantially stressed.


I am a force to be reckoned with, I'll blow you away,

like symphonious spinning suction clouds that you can't soothsay.

I won't remember you, but you'll remember me,

because I figured out the secret to the lock's key.

I overcame it once, and I'll overcome it again,

anger that amplifies my allegiance to happiness, amen.



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