The Blurred World Around Me


I pay attention to your mouth, then you turn away to look somewhere else.

You keep talking but I don't understand, I just hear mumbling.

Then the sound stops and you're looking at me like you want a responce, but all I can say is  "what?"

You're annoyed I can tell, and you repeat yourself very slowly like I'm stupid. 

Making ridiculous hand gestures that, I guess is your version of sign language.

You happen to look down while you're talking and I miss the last part.

When I ask you to repeat the last few things you said, you huff, "Nevermind!"

I guess it's not worth the effort.

I know I'm hard of hearing, but I do have feelings.

I want to hear what you have to say, But I can't if you're constantly looking away.

Sometimes I pick stuff up and sometimes I don't.

But in my opinion, if you were mind friend,

You wouldn't mind making some consessions to help me understand.

All you have to do is look at me. 

Please, am I not worth the effort to talk to?




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