The Blur of Yesterday into Today


United States
48° 19' 19.5276" N, 122° 38' 33.9612" W

Yesterday African Americans didn't have rights
Yesterday a white man standing up for a black man was wrong
Yesterday slaves were shipped across a ocean of pain
only to be greeted by a lifetime of suffering

Today Black is equal to White
Today a Black man is our president
Today Africans come to America seeking freedom
and freedom greets them with open arms

Today a black man stands in a church
and preaches hate towards minorities

Tomorrow a man will marry another man
Tomorrow a lesbian couple will claim legal rights to support eachother
Tomorrow the gay teenager will no longer live in fear
of oppressive peers and parents

Tomorrow We will be one people.
tomorrow minorities will no longer be minorities.
Tomorrow a person will be a person, no matter their
skin color
sexual orientation
thought process.

Tomorrow, we will be one.

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