The Blue Walls Of My Bedroom

The walls of my bedroom reflect my sadness.
Who painted them blue, I wonder?
They just stand here with nothing to do.
I am alone with these four walls every night.
I kneel down and pray to the Lord.
And I beg Him to send a pretty girl to love me.
I have heard the saying, “Walls have ears.”
That is why I share my deep thoughts with them.

Who goes to sleep with me at night?
Who wakes up with me in the morning?
There is no one beside me in bed,
So I speak to the blue walls of my bedroom.
I look around the lonely place.
And I see the furniture and the silent walls.
I frequently pace the tiled floor.
I ask the walls questions that baffle my head,
But they cannot respond to me.

Who is bored with life and going crazy?
Who soliloquizes day after day?
If the walls could talk, they would say it is me.
Nobody knows what I am going through.
I need to find a maid before I lose my mind.
How long shall I wait for a lover?
When will a sweet girl belong to me?
I wish the walls of my bedroom could tell me.


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