Wisdom in each droplet

like a sea of broken roads

with each forgotten memory

to lighten the weight of loads


For every breath forsaken

and every tear forgiven

for every blink remembered

there's a thought that is mistaken.


In skies of cloudless pastures

to sink your eyes into

there's always some lost feather

to break the constant blue.


in trenches filled with blackest

of all forbidden waters

there seems to be some life in death

the meat of innocent slaughters.


The memory of the wounded love

that severed all the ties

the branches of the tallest tree

that reach for far off skies.


They touch the sky,

it has been said,

in twilight's setting,

sun so red.


but daytime winters

icy blue

the trees that glisten

know that it may not be true.


that's why as I sit here,

and as I tell you,

my tears that roll down my face,

remain of the deepest blue.


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Our world
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