Blue Jay Show The Way

As the blue jay sweeps the skies,

it flies and flies high into the white fluffy and thick clouds as if to disguise.

The sweet melody that beats inside his heart takes up his flight, as if soaring like a kite.

The wind takes him where it pleases,

From the tropics, where the ease is to the artic, where it freezes,

The darkness’s mist expands the sky to bring a strong gusty storm.

The bird scurries as it flees for a dorm or even a place to keep cozy warm.

There is no way out.

The blue jay shouts, doubts, and falls as if having been hit with a sharp and shiny knout.

Wait! No! What is that that blows?

As if in a doze, the blue jay knows

to rise back up from life’s darkest lows.

Although the tiny bird slipped, dripped, and tripped so down,

he rose back up, in which he deserves the courageous crown.

Blue jay, Blue jay, Blue jay, show the way,

day by day.

You flew and flew even when no one knew.

When the sky turned black and blue and thought nothing grew,

you flew through, as if brand new.

Blue jay, Blue jay, Blue jay, thanks for showing the way;

it is really true that some day I want to be like you,

and I hope that others will not be afraid to be like you and me too.



This poem is about: 
Our world


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