Blue-Green See

If I were to look outside and see,

A world so full of rich, verdant green,

My hands would itch for my pen and ink,

Whilst I paint in my mind before I blink.


The space of darkness between each look,

That brief time of terror my mind overtook,

I can't quite explain the measure of fear,

Hands grasp the air, I know not if I'm here.


Hearts are fluttering as gazes meet,

The morning sun and glory I do greet,

The radiant hues of a glimpse of light,

The comforting blue darkness of night.


I could not see a star or moon,

Or look into your face and swoon,

If I had not my eyes, I could not see,

Or paint the beautiful blue-green that is the sea.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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