Blue-Green Love


I look up to find a moment of truth so real and divine

His piercing blue-green eyes have a way of touching my heart but, the further he looks inside, he'll see that mark

That scar that covers my heart


In that scar he might find a small hole

In that small hole, he might see a crack 

In that crack, he might see a stain

When he sees that stain, he'll see that bruise


On that bruise he may come to find secrets, lies, untold stories of the pain I can't deny

On top of these secrets and lies, he'll see the darkness of the path I learned and believed

The path I grew up on that made me, me


That dark path I grew up on that made the bruise

that was covered by lies and secrets that created the stain,

this stain that would not go away because of these things, soon 

turned into an infested hole


When I finally started recovering from his hole, it seemed almost too late

It attempted to heal the wound, my mind, heart, and body doing it's best; 

soon made a scar


This doesn't mean I'm broken still, just merely once was wounded.

Maybe more tender hearted, please forgive me, my crying started


Through this, I truly believe, the cause of this scar lead you to me

I hope its not mistaken, for fire and ice cannot make it

If it's a chance, I'll sure take it

For the boy with the gorgeous blue-green eyes




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