The Blue Eyes Staring Back At Me


The blue eyes staring back at me are long and wide

they crinkle when I smile, but they are not mine

my eyes are mysterious, looking into the distance

they turn to icy, frozen with pain and loss

I can’t face them, I can’t

before the Great Freeze my eyes were soft

happy, afraid, wandering like a child

that was a long, long time ago.

Sometimes they sneak out when my guard is down

in darkness or the lightest light, when no one can see

light. fragile, trusting

those lies things in the mirror were made of water

I can’t watch long, or the seas will be seized with ice

my brightness fades and dies in a burst of blue

they are strangled by fear, stabbed by abandon

as they perish boredom glazes them over

like the lasting hauntings of a ghost

the ghost of a girl with oceans for eyes

somehow that girl grew the eyes of a grown up

and she fades, fades away again.

I see them less and less, and I wonder

when will be the last time I’ll see the sea,

the sea of me

the blue eyes staring back at me blink with I

but they are not mine.

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