Blue is Beautiful


United States
40° 13' 43.8276" N, 104° 59' 50.2908" W

The blue sky above, is glorious each day.
It's shine is happy, peaceful, and beautiful.
The deep sea is a gorgeous blue.
It's waves roll with a fierce glee, always displaying its beauty.
If you find a sad child, what do you say?
Why do you ask them why they are blue?
Why must one be sad to be blue?
When you look around, all that is blue is beautiful,
Take a look outside, engulf yourself in the blueness of life.
Don't let the pressure of others determine your happiness and glee.
Instead, be at peace, shine for the world always display your beauty.
Because no matter what the world says, be forever blue.
Because being blue, is knowing you are beautiful.


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