The Blue Ballet


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The Blue Ballet

By Bryce Long



emotion is truth

requiring no thought

no action; only senses

drawn to so much from so little


but be cautious

of the deep end

where the truth is hard to see

you may even be lost in the black


emotion is anger

bubbling from the depths

only carrying our screams

as we fall towards the bottom


only wanting to be remembered

by their screams

taking the truth they swamn in

tempting the surface


on the surface

a thousand reasons were drawn

from one

there were a thousand-and-one


people above

on floating islands

judgement on swift lighting bolts

never drinking from valley nor spring


as winter thaws so do spirits

come rushing down

filling the valley of dreams

where fools wish to fill their cups



drinking to the past

songs sang were of a fool

who dared a god's logic


but some can't fill their cup

on the spring of society;

the valley of dreams





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