Blue and Grey


I've painted the walls of my mind Blue and Grey.
The colors of your eyes will never fade away.
I'd rather be in your arms than anywhere else in the world.
There are no words for what i'm feeling.
I can't find comfort in sleeping when you're all I dream of.
I can't help but watch you move
I fall again and again and every time you catch me.
I'm waiting for the day I hit cold hard ground.
I can't make up my mind.
I can't decide what to say or what to do when I think i'm still in love with you.
How can I find a way to get you back when I can't pick on of the millions of words floating in my head.
Hold me in your arms again.
Sing me to sleep so I can wake up to dreaming of you again.
I'll keep you seafe in my mind just for you are the walls painted Grey and Blue.
To hide you from the monsters in my head.
With so many words to say I'mm one of few.
I hear strings play whenever I see you.
I'm just a heart begging you to see me as me and not as the one who broke you.



I wrote this a year ago and still remember exactly what I felt and the reason it was created.

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