Blue and Black

Mon, 02/03/2014 - 14:33 -- 14bcox

Time and time again

He hits her

The world goes by

Ignoring the sight

Her face is black and blue

Makeup isn't covering her scars

She smiles and says its ok

She fell and hit some concrete

More lies, more lies

If I could change one thing

I would change the violence

The torture 

The pain

These women don't deserve

These women shouldn't be victims

Their smiles should be real. 

Their smiles should be bright. 

They are black and blue

Swollen and bloody

They hide the truth. 

Instead they smile

Hiding the tears

And the fears

The have nothing. 

He didn't mean it

He didn't mean it

Black and blue

Swollen and bloody

He didn't mean it. 

If I could change one thing

Just one

It would be this. 




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