The Blue Abyss


United States
33° 5' 12.9768" N, 96° 45' 36.3816" W

Listen close, for do you hear the thunder of the waves

Like so many white capped mountains crumbling

Crashing with such a sound that no distance can stave

And which to any man, no matter how great, is humbling


And yet, this rancor hides the true well of fear

A creature who, currently, is transversing,hidden rivers

Sailing on cries, moans, and undried tears

Atop currents cold enough to make the north wind shiver


And so this unnamed terror swivels its dark eyes

Searching for something vast, on which to dine

Spotting at once a small ship, who at anchor lies

The foul beast loses any thoughts benign


And so it launches forth, what seems a hundred hands

Rictus mirth merging with cold unbound hate

Slamming through prudence's safeguarding bands

a cry goes out in dread, yet it’s much too late


Slowly pulling the doomed ship down below the tide

The dark beast lashes the poor souls in its fell grip

Using their water logged cries for its horrid guide

Bringing the soggy bodies to its razing lips


Sucking the marrow into its gnashing jaws

Sinking deeper and deeper into its joy

As it pulls the ship further into its maw

Eyes burning brighter than the last days of Troy


The creature, cloaked in a darkly infernal light

Recedes back to the lightless land, from whence it came

Enveloping itself in a darkness blacker than night

Yet still with a dismal hunger, that for now is a low flame


Gone for the time, yet never completely sated

Eyes shining in elation from its crime

Its sinks into the black, its dire return fated

hope left fleeting, as thought are lost in time


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