Blue is the color of her shirt as she shines bright.
Blue is the color of her dress when you take her out on a first date.
Blue is the swipe of a pen in the poetry she writes.
Blue is her eyes while looking at herself with grief and hate…

Blue is the restaurant when you take her out for the tenth time.
Blue is the night sky while the stars shine through.
Blue is your heart finally saying, “She’s mine.”
Blue is her eyes when you say, “I love you.”

Blue is her smile while she hides the pain.
Blue is her headphones when she listens to her music obsession.
Blue is her tears when she cries insane.
Blue is your pain when you find out she has depression…

Blue is her vein when she puts a knife on her wrist.
Blue is the pain when you find out she can’t live another day.
Blue is her face when she says “I love you” before she rest.
Blue is the hole in your heart as she dies away...

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