Strikingly blue, electric, hard wired

into ladder patterns- genetics 

the eyes of the mother, her father, his father

falling backward through all of time 


Bright and reflecting

and ever connecting 

to all the passers by.

All these eyes have seen

dissolve in a stream

when my loves move on to the sky.  


But my feet keep on trooping

and the eyes, they keep looking 

around for all of my life

I take coal to ring them, 

And cloth that will bring them

Defined shape and color and size. 


They are first to see her and last to leave her 

while I look as she walks away. 

A leak they may spring

at this sight, this bad dream

These eyes,they just can't seem to stray

Red this saddens will make them

but the light won't quite leave and 

i don't fear-these eyes will meet Hers one day 



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