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Lies. Spoken, disguised in beautiful words, dressed up with distate and topped with a curse. They sink it, they go deeper, they seep into the core; They weigh us down and give us thoughts we never had before. Lies wrap our eyes in a veil of a sort, when we grasp for the truth we always come up short. Looking harder, looking deeper, it can only go so far! We give up, we tell ourselves "nothing should ever be this hard..."

The words that we tell ourselves are strapped to our souls, everyday we believe them is a day growing cold. Our bones shake and our confidence quakes as we struggle to lift our heads above the tide breaks. Broke, broken, breaking in half, we scream so much we forget how to laugh. The torment to our drowning lungs has made our voices go raspy; We yell out and cry for help but they just call it "relapsing". The fight is violent and our bodies have tremors, our muscles are burning and our hearts have deep leasions; Our vision is blurring and our hearing is turning...

But that's when we hear it... 

Tucked away. Waiting. Patient... 

This fight, these lies, they were all our creation! The words that drag and gnash and claw are the ones that we shot at ourselves on the draw! we were given ONE SOUL to be no one but us, but we filled it with misuse, abuse, and distrust. If we don't try to fight from drowning in our failures, if we calmed down, relaxed, let go and just lay here... Maybe we'd find ourselves floating through love, forgetting the self loath and rising above. We can go, we can fly, we can take off and soar! If only we stopped focusing on "how far til the shore?" 

We realize with great demise that if we close our ears and open our eyes; It's no longer the shore that's the goal, it's the skies. Lay back, shut up... and just enjoy being SILENT; cut loose all the ties to the lies, we're so violent. Just listen and feel the cool ocean air, one day we'll look back on this fading nightmare. We think we have to swim because that's what they do, but maybe we belong in a different kind of blue... A vast open contrast to what wasn't working, there's something inside of us; We feel it lurking.

Let it break out, let it shake out it's feathers. Let it fly free from these ties and these teathers! Of course we're not good enough, of course we were failing, we're not born for swimming, for diving or sailing. We were busy compairing, contracting, reacting, we wanted to blend in with these fishes? We're acting. In the silence that's beautiful, bounding, resounding, we bask in the lack of the pounding and hounding PRESSURE. To be more. To be bigger, and better. The deeper we dove, our eyes just grew wetter... 

But here's where we learn why silence is golden. If we can't hear the lies, what's left to hold in? You see... We focus too much on what the fish think, but when cast into water birds do tend to sink.


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