Blue is one of those that colors that is really funny,

It can be used to describe that feeling when you are sad and lonely,

or it can be used to describe the blue sky when the day is sunny.

People use it to descirbe the color of eyes,

But sometimes it can be used to see the sadness when those same eyes start to cry.

Or you can use it to describe the beach and the water as you walk into the ocean,

And you can see the crystal clear water and the waves start to move in motion.

You can see it in other beautiful aspects of life, like flowers, rainbows and hearts,

And it is one of those colors that has so much variety, that it will always be used in art.

People use it to let people know that they do not feel their best, 

But when it comes to other colors, people still use it to describe what they like the best.

It is a color that has a different manner for everyone,

But it is a beautful color that adds meaning to life that will never be out done. 


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