Blowing Smoke

As night falls I must return

Before I scare my mother silly

And yet I cannot pull myself away

From this coffee shop called "The Lilly"

Oh, how the city lights glitter

The wet pavement so bright

The magical world of the city

Lit up by the night

Up against the dark brick wall

As I step out into the evening weather

Blowing smoke with a hand of death

A handsome man of oil and leather


A diamond smile graces his face

a city boy through and through

gazes into my farmgirl eyes

hair a flaming blue

He owns a bar down on Styx

I've never been on my own

He laughs as if I told a joke

And says he'll show me a world I've never known

He climbs onto his hearse of steel

engine reving loud

He pulls my hand towards the bike

And we disappear from the crowds


My mother's house is cold

snowy, lifeless, and dead

She calls me home every night

But I stay here instead

In this bar so dark

Corpses staggering to a song

Hades ruling his domain behind a bar

Where I stay all night long

I lift a drink up to my lips

Pomegranite rum with a twist

Vision blurring as my throat burns

Finishing drink number 6


Six months later, my hair cut short

A queen of oil and leather 

Blowing smoke beside Hades, my love

King and Queen of darkenss together




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