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I hear the rumours, And absorb what they say, And all I can reply,is it's Just not true. But what can I do, I want you. 2 Hell and Back, I'll go with you, For ever more wanting you. Blow Me Again, I Love the Way, You Lick Me Out. Moist,Wet Mouth, Blow the Cobwebs, Haven't seen, A Dick For Months, Pussy Out. See What You Do 2 Me, I'm A Freak For You, I'm Gonna Have 2 Wash My Filthy Mouth With Soap And Water (Readers I Apologise 2 You Right Now). I'm Weak Weak, Weak Shaky Knees For You. Here You Go Again Touching Me Out, Everywhere You Caress I....BLOW I.... BLOW I... BLOW OOOOOH. What You Say Baby, Candys' Been On Your Mind? Don't Leave Me For Dusty Candy, Who's Been Cruising Her Arse Around. If You Do, I Assure You,I'll Beat The Crap Outta You. Can't You See Boo, I Regularly Need You. I'm Just So Addicted 2 You--- That's The Honest Truth. You've Taken Hold Of Me, And Superglued Our Souls. Where Was I?-------Oh Yeah------- The Tip Of My Tongue Sticks In 2 Your Mouth, A Bitter Taste, I Can't, Just Won't Do Without. With You, I Go On And On, And On, And On, And On, And On, And On, And On. You Get Where I'm Coming From? ©13/08/2021. Wired6.



This poem is very different 😂I've never heard one quite like this,interstimg poem


Hi Atigemoot

what's  the meaning of the jovial/crying emoji?

Hey Ho!-thanks for trhe comment anyway, much appreciated.



Sorry spelt name wrongly.



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