A year ago your angry hands
Left red and purple sunset marks on my porcelain skin.
Your lips dripped honey-covered apologies,
But nothing ever really changed.

You suffocated me for three whole years
With the anger you couldn't surpress.
I grew tired, weak, guilty, weary, and angry.
I hated myself more than I hated you.

But one year later and I'm stronger than ever.
I've blossomed flowers in the voided parts of my shattered heart,
I'm focusing on the success you told me I'd never have,
And I've picked up my broken, brittle body off the
Hard floor and I'm breathing fully again.

As college looms I'm well aware that things change,
And life moves forward even if we don't want it to,
And we learn to put the pain of our past behind us,
And focus on our success.

My future is bright, I am fully alive,
I can feel the sun making me glow from the inside out.
I am a wilted flower that has prospered from the pain you have caused.
I have bloomed into a bright, beautiful flower.

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