Sat, 09/21/2013 - 13:17 -- Koraly


Koraly. Six simple letters yet a shadow  lingers over them.

My name reminds me of the color coral, just like the coral in the ocean. My name is relaxing and bring tranquility like the waves. The waves that crash against the heated rocks on the beach. The rocks that sit in the hot sun all day and get hotter, hotter hotter

Hot with passion is what my mother says my name reminds her of

Her passion her desire to see me prosper and grow and love

Love and happiness is what my name brings

Brings to my family, my friends, my heart

I grew up horrified by my name

The way it rolls off the tongue, the way it is pronounced by others

I hate it

I hate it when people pronounce it coral-y or core- aye-ly or karate or ignore it all together

its Koraly

I created a dark place in my own mind that was unaccepting of the name

as the year went on, i learned to accept my name

it is unique

it is hope

it is when the flower is blooming is what my priest says  

So i have blossomed

I have grown

I have accepted the name

I have accepted Koraly




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