A Blossom of Lilac

this is peom is not mine it is from a movie i once saw 

movie: fleet of time 

Every spring, when the lilac bloom, I would think of her, a girl just like lilac.

I can't recall when i started paying attention to her....

if time....

could be divided into an image, like a frames in a flim, the first image of her, that flashes 

in my memory is that of her by a lilac tree.

It was a bright morining in spring as she was walking by the lilac,

a sudden breeze...brought the white four petaled flowers... down on her hair and shoulder,

it was like a flower showered just for her,

she looked up from amoung the flowers and smiled at me,

it was such a warm and bright smile that....

as soon as I think of it, it's as if lilac blossom fill up my entire world,

someone told me that five petaled lilacs can bring happiness so I collected many of them,

so many, in fact, that I started  doubting that saying, 

but I never had the courage to give her one finally,

on a day filled with the sweet smell of lilacs, I picked five petaled lilac and gave it to her,

If this lilac really works, 

I want her to have my share...

of the hapinees as well,

I love lilac white ones and violet ones, I love them both,

I like her wheter she's mine or not,

I like her all the same,

I will remember that moring spring..

will she ever forget?


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