Wed, 01/21/2015 - 14:30 -- Gladys
Darkness,depression,loneliness, emotions I keep hidden within me behind a mask that is slowly crumbling into little pieces. One by one the pieces go exposing my true feelings to the world. 
I cannot stand and watch my mask fade away before my eyes, I must repair it, and quick! But how, these emotion I kept buried deep inside are being reawakened and coming alive. I must stop it! I must kill it before my mind goes crazy with dark emotions..once again. The only way I can kill these emotions is to release them some other way. The pain, the pain from a single cut from my friend will help me forget and kill them. 
But will one do the trick? 
Maybe one or two more... or even three, we will just have to see.
Oops I think I over did it, I don't feel the dark emotions anymore, I don't feel anything at all. All I see is a pool of blood, my blood. I might be numbed but at least my mask is repaired once again for me to wear for another day, and all this will just be a bloody nightmare. 


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