Blood Red

As cliche` as it sounds,

this fairytale begins like all the rest,

but this once upon a time, is at its very best.


Born in a kingdom were two twin girls,

both bore beauty that the world never knew before,

in a place where you're constantly compared your life becomes a competition,

and thus one'd do whatever to gain points in their favor,

even if it was grueling manual labor, they'd complete their mission.


Now Violet was a midnight splendor,

people would do anything to defend her,

with dark locks that framed her pale moonlit face,

you would've thought that there was no threat to steal her place.


But there stood another, one with a sun-kissed brow,

to which others would eagerly bow,

her hair a reflection of the sun's radiant waves,

and rosey cheeks for which she was named.


And once the time came they both fell in love,

with that same man, when push comes to shove,

he chose Rose with the very words:

     "Roses are red,

      Violets are blue,

      and though both you and your sister are pretty,

      none art fairer than you."


Soon enough they got married, happy as can be,

but there was no happily ever after as you'll soon see,

jealous and enraged Violet began to plot,

for the spot of the queen was the position she sought.


As a gift to her sibling Violet presented a mirror,

"so no matter the circumstance you'll see yourself clearer,"

at first it seemed no harm, no foul, right?

But that very thing was what caused husband and wife to fight,

Rose became so obsessed with her beauty she had time for little else,

she became narcississtic, enfatuated with herself,

and everyday she'd ask about a word for which she was engaged:

     "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

      who's the fairest of them all?"

Just to make sure she still possessed the title.


So one night the king had had enough and retreated to his chamber,

he invited a dark beauty on which to spend the night,

and she whisked away the secret once there came first light.


Then about 9 months later Rose stumbled upon a birth,

a private child dubbed Snow White was what she unearthed,

ironic how a child out of wedlock had a name so pure,

borne on a winter's eve, yet she had her mother's looks of this she was sure,

she seemed so innocent, so fragile, almost like a flower,

but plucking all the petals would unveil the truth,

who was the mother of this incredible youth?

So she took it to the mirror and in a furious tone lamented:

     "Mirror, mirror, one the wall,

      did my sister betrayme, I know you saw."

At the mirror's confirmation Rose muttered under her breath, 

"Then she is the reason this kingdom will fall."


So unbeknowst to most,

Rose made her way to a hidden nursery like a ghost,

she plunged a dagger in her sister's heart,

and that's when her sanity began to fall apart.


For a dozen years after, whilest the child grew,

suprisingly no problems happened, or rather only a rare few,

but on the day of disaster,

Rose became death's master,

she snapped when the mirror answered her question in her opinion with poor taste,

as follows I'll repeat the words in haste:

     "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

      who's the fairest of them all?"



She'd barely heard "Snow White" when she loosed a blood-curdling scream,

her husband rushed forward thinking she'd had a bad dream,

he arrived to find a shattered mirror, and a bloody clenched hand,

in Rose's grasp was a mirror shard running with red, 

and as he was stabbed he heard the words growled:

"I know you took my sister in bed."


Snow White came to find,

her father's body strewn to the side,

and the pools of blood made her petrified,

on her knees her aunt trembled with bloodlust in her eyes,

in scarlet soaked cloth Rose morbidly smiled as she whispered her goodbyes,

and when she turned to face her niece, 

she vowed she wouldn't stop until she witnessed Little Snow White deceased.





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