Blood On My Halo (part 2)

Gold matter set on their
necks dangling to who they are,

A shadow my mother has with six arms
Telling me who I am,

A shadow my father has with four arms
Telling me that the past and future won't last,

Kneeling to their thrones for that I show
them that they taught me great power,

But centuries into the future my halo cowers,
My wings are clipped,
Changing everyday, but my words are chipped,

My golden blue skin sheds away,
Because I hide in the crowd.

I speak in notes so
I can see in so many colors that sit at the edge of time.

From that, one kiss I was born,
With my halo dangling from my ear.

A Time that reminisce,
My memories are now torn.

With Fractured parts of different universes,
that build upon each other from a single tear,

Star brights and love bursts that tackles my fears,

My dolly eyes longing for a lick of blue,
soon to shine through a lilac sky,

Fighting so roughly, because
So young I tried not to die
from a guy who beat my mom who promised to be by our side.

But my many lives can't stand up together,
for that it's one life that comes to no end.

I am on a spectrum that forms from a reflection,
That you can't see.
it is a reality that is so harsh and hollow,
so tough that I have to wipe the blood off my halo.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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