Blood Flow




tick tock tick tock

rings through my ears

slobber runs from my mouth down to the table like the water flowing in Niagra Falls

Tingling in my toes and finger tips feeling like i have a million ants in them

what do i hear?

the vast voice of an understanding of which i cannot grasp

Why must preparation and comprehension make a class resemble that of zombies in Michael Jackson's thriller

Why must i be still

Why must i spend and hour sitting in a chair that now has my permanent imprint

Let me live 

Let my blood flow

I cannot learn what i cannot touch

I have five senses for what

so that you may take two and overuse them

I have hands

I have feet 

I have a Nose

My taste buds work significantly

Let my Blood Flow

why divide my body and brain into two independent powers

why not create a bondage

Let them work together so that i may grasp all that i can

Let my blood flow


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