Blond Dancer Boy

Sun, 09/22/2019 - 03:13 -- Laker2b

Blond dancer boy, 

How you move in Act I.

Your body concaves on itself,

Whenever the composer wills you to do so.


Blond dancer boy,

I left someone with hope for you.

But your contagious personality,

Had already caught someone else in your quarantine.


Blond dancer boy,

I can't be in a room with you.

It's a two-faced reminder of my lonliness,

Of my mistakes and desires.


Blond dancer boy,

I won't get in your way.

You two together is something special I'm sure,

It just feels like a crime against me.


Blond dancer boy,

Don't worry about me.

I know you won't be concerned,

Just let me adjust.


Blond dancer boy,

There is so much left unsaid.

If you want to know,

Just ask.

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My community


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