The block of ice

I childishly fell into your lies.Now wishing that we never had any ties coz all i have and feel are cries
You said that if i would agree you would give me a prize.With naivety all over me i didn't mind the price. Now my appearance can't be withheld by any eyes.You are to blame for my personality of an ice.
I hate to tell you this but i think that it will suit my peace. Since you found me as a whole piece, too bad i fell victim to your disease. Unfortunately I'll play hard to put a cease. That is the only way for my soul to appease. In return of making me a block of ice.
With hypocrisy you sweetheart all of them including Adhiambo and Njeri. You really can be a comic save the Tom and Jerry. Hahaha... I see you are trying to hush me with your sorry. But sadly if you may know am getting angry. Looking at how you did things in a hurry. I thought you would love us to marry. But hell made me an ice block 'swiry'.
Since i have no time left. There is no need to go right or left. With no advance i accuse you of theft. You stole away my womanhood to which i had preserved since childhood. In spite I'll shout to the whole neighbourhood. To express my solitude like the ice block i am.
You enjoyed when my formers and i fell for you. They didn't make it but I'll put an end to you. Now shut up and listen to me coz i can't excuse you. Since you you made choice of being a dream killer, i may as well follow suit. It looks like a thriller but am a better killer. Am doing all this in anger of making me a block of ice.


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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