People say All lives matter but that's not true. To all my colored brothers and sisters do I matter do you? NOPE! Wake Up in the morning turn on the news and hear that one of us died. It's sad that people judge our lives. Saying oh that's a crack baby,  A woman with no baby daddy, A pregnant teen, Gang banger, harmful person. We are being labeled. BLM! I LOVE: My skin,My Hair,My LifeThe Fact that I am black! Posting photos and hashtagsis not enough we need more!  we need a change!  we need them to realize that we matter.  yes all lives matter but are white people  constantly being  accused of something wrong and being shot for it? NO!  they get sent to jail and let out.  while we suffer and die.  I want to be able to be out on the street without being judged or worried that I might get shot. I wanna be free. I want to be able to happy in my own skin and just be me.  # Travon Martin # Alton Sterling ##ALL LIVES MATTER  WRONG!Because WE matter OUR BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!

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My community


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